Formed in early 2016 to provide writers with a forum for editing their work together and to organize Write-Ins, Bexley Fiction Writers is open to the public and welcomes new members.

We normally meet from 6:00pm – 9:00pm on the first Thursday of the month.

Our 2019 Schedule is finalized ~ check out the “Upcoming Meetings” link to the left for more information!

August 2019 meeting:  Thursday 01 August 2019 at Bexley Public Library (in the Tech Classroom ~ lower level), 2411 Main Street, Bexley, Ohio 43209.  TOPIC: Workshop ~ critiques and feedback based on May’s session. Bring something to read / have critiqued!

Additionally ~ we now have a Page on Facebook (recent posts show up in the sidebar widget on all pages here) and you can also request to join our Closed Group IF you’re on our email list AND have been to at least one of our meetings.

Our meeting format is pretty laid back:

  • 15-20 minutes for gathering and introductions / socializing
  • Each member has about 10 minutes to read a selection followed by 5-10 minutes of round-robin feedback (general or specific based on what the writer is looking for)
  • Discussion on a topic related to either the art / craft or business of writing
  • Time for working on a project with other writers for support

For more information send Josh a message using the form below: